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Don't Underestimate Tactile Paving! You May Not Know All Its Functions! - 翻译中...

Braille bricks are a type of road facility designed to provide convenience for blind people to travel safely. Below, Xiong Chang will introduce the usage method and precautions of this facility. Let's learn about it.

Braille tactile floor tiles, also known as tactile paving, are a type of road facility designed to provide convenience for blind people to travel safely. They are usually made up of three types of bricks. The first type is the directional guide brick, which guides blind people to walk confidently and is called the forward-navigation Braille brick or direction-guide Braille brick. The second type is the prompt brick with round dots, which indicates that there is an obstacle ahead and that it is time to turn. It is called the prompt Braille brick or orientation-guide Braille brick. The last type is the warning Braille brick, with larger round dots, which warns people not to go beyond the brick as there are dangers ahead.

The use of braille tactile floor tiles

Braille bricks are produced in accordance with national industry standards, with excellent design and sensitive touch. They are features with strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and long service life. The surface of this high-strength Braille brick is not only beautiful but also smooth, suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration. The concave-convex model can not only make the Braille bricks safer but also beautify the environment.

Tactile paving is mainly used in urban roads, railway stations, bus stations, subway platforms, intercity railways, and pedestrian overpasses, as well as sidewalks. It is a specialized facility that enables people with disabilities to walk without barriers.

The function of braille tactile floor tiles

Braille paving should still be laid separately in the location and entrances of major municipal facilities and buildings in the city to inform visually impaired people of the specific locations of facilities. The ceramic tile adhesive can make the Braille bricks stick more closely to the road surface, helping visually impaired people understand their surroundings. Examples include various pedestrian crossings, entrances to urban squares, bus stops, pedestrian overpasses, entrances and edges of buildings, entrances and platforms of underground railways, obstacles on sidewalks and so on. A regular environment and facilities can make it easier for visually impaired people to move around with the help of their canes. For example, setting up curb stones, flower beds, and walls on the outer side of the sidewalk is the best channel for visually impaired people to walk. Braille tactile floor tiles also have the following functions:

Environmentally friendly

Safe and environmentally friendly, free of PVC components.


It has excellent wear resistance and a long service life.


It has superior slip resistance and high safety.


The floor has permanent elasticity and is comfortable to walk on.


It has the function of absorbing and reducing footstep noise.

Flame retardant

It is resistant to scorching, and the surface of the floor will not cause damage.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean and low maintenance.


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