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Automatic Bollard Maintenance Tips: Have You Learned Them? - 翻译中...

The automatic rising bollard belongs to the equipment that controls the flow of vehicle traffic

The automatic rising bollard can be used in conjunction with the road braking control system or used alone. It is mainly divided into automatic lifting, semi-automatic lifting, and fixed types; the automatic lifting type is divided into hydraulic lifting and electric lifting. It is designed and developed for sensitive areas to prevent unauthorized vehicle intrusion, and it has high practicality, reliability, and safety. It consists of a bottom base, automatic rising bollard, power transmission, control, and other parts. According to different needs, different configurations can be selected to meet our requirements.

Precautions for the use of automatic rising bollards

Daily maintenance and regular inspections are the basis for the normal operation of the equipment, as the automatic rising bollard will inevitably experience wear and tear or malfunctions during use. So what are the precautions for daily use and maintenance of the automatic rising bollard?

  • Avoid frequently raising and lowering within a short period of time (do not operate more than twice within 1 minute), as it will cause the motor to heat up and damage the motor.

  • Pay attention to pedestrians when performing the raising operation to prevent injury.

  • When the up and down column is not working properly, press the stop button once after completing the raising and lowering to avoid damage to the electrical components and motor burnout.

  • If you find that one of the up and down columns is much higher than the others during use, press the stop button immediately and observe if the motor is still working.

  • It is strictly prohibited to fill the gaps around the column with mud and debris, in order to avoid affecting the normal raising and lowering of the column.

  • It is strictly prohibited to engrave on the surface of the column, as it may cause damage to the column.

  • When performing electrical maintenance, the power should be cut off, and maintenance and repair signs should be prominently displayed.

  • Check the operation of switches, buttons, indicator lights, etc. once a month.

  • Check whether the screws on the wiring terminals and components are loose once a month.

  • Regularly clean and maintain the surface of the equipment, electrical control, and hydraulic control systems.

  • Regularly tighten the screws of the transmission mechanism and mechanical fixing mechanism of the equipment.

  • Regularly lubricate and maintain the column of the up and down column.

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