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Full Automatic Rising Bollards Construction Plan - 翻译中...

Automatic rising bollards installation steps and debugging requirements

  • Detect whether the underground is suitable for excavation, whether there are underground cables, water pipes, fiber optic lines and other obstacles.

  • Mark the line, determine the position of the foundation pit, and excavate the foundation pit. The slot should be opened according to the installation site requirements, and the installation spacing should be determined before construction according to different site conditions.

Make the foundation

  • After digging the foundation trench, do the waterproof layer. Lay a layer of broken stones, a layer of broken sand, and then lay the waterproof layer flat and tamped at the bottom of the foundation pit to prevent the equipment from sinking; if the conditions permit, you can choose broken stones below 10mm, and sand can be dispensed with.

  • If the installation site is in a low-lying area or an area with perennial water accumulation, drainage should be considered (automatic drainage system must be installed in areas with frequent flooding or poor underground drainage). A 250mm-thick concrete sand and stone foundation should be made at the bottom of the foundation pit to prevent the equipment from sinking.

Do drainage

Place the product in the foundation pit, connect the product drainage outlet to the PVC drainage pipe through the Φ50 tee first, then connect the PVC water pipe to the straight-through, and lead it to the sump or sewer. If only the waterproof layer is done, please ignore this step.


Pre-bury PVC threading pipes according to the position of the reserved outlet holes on the surface. The diameter of the threading pipes is determined according to the number of automatic rising bollards. Each column can be independently equipped with a pipe, or all columns can share a larger specification pipe. Specific use should also be determined based on the needs of the site and different power distribution before construction.

Test the power supply to see if the lifting column is operating normally

If the equipment is normal, fill the pit with an appropriate amount of sand and stones to fix the equipment, ensure horizontal symmetry, and then slowly and evenly pour C25 or higher concrete until it is flush with the equipment surface. (Note: When pouring concrete, it can be poured multiple times after the column is fixed. Measure again to ensure that the lifting column is level to prevent it from being displaced during pouring and causing tilt. Pour until the surface is level.)

Automatic rising bollards construction precautions

Before the device's power circuit is connected, all power line joints must be connected with waterproof connectors or wrapped repeatedly with waterproof tape to ensure waterproofness. When performing up and down operations, observe the lifting and lowering of the equipment, and adjust the lifting and lowering direction of the equipment (if the lifting column has a reverse direction, adjust the motor cable zero line of the lifting column in the control box).

Special attention

After the connection head is processed, the connection port should be stuffed into the pre-buried bucket, and an extra 1.5 meters of wire should be stuffed in the bucket to facilitate possible product maintenance needs in the future.

Process steps

Detection → line marking → determining the position of the foundation pit → excavating the foundation pit → making the foundation → placing the equipment and adjusting the level → making drainage → wiring (the wiring port should be waterproofed) → power-on test → adjusting the level again → backfill with cement sand and stones (at the same time, pay attention to whether the product has displacement) → restore the pavement.


Non-standard installation in the early stage will bring about a lot of maintenance troubles later. Please strictly follow the requirements of this instruction for construction, and confirm that all wiring is correct before power-on debugging. If problems arise, be sure to power off and check.


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