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Still Focused on Blind Way for the Blind, Let Warmth Embrace Society - 翻译中...

When children are traveling, parents naturally worry about their safety. This is due to the parents' love and care for their children. However, the current situation of "useless" blind ways has become an obstacle to the travel of blind people. In fact, blind ways have always been a difficult problem according to the "Experience Report on Barrier-Free Facilities Survey in 100 Cities" released by the Consumer Association and China Disabled Persons' Federation. The overall satisfaction of barrier-free facilities is at a medium to low level.

Tactile paving is being misused and abused. A simple online search reveals many related news stories: parking spaces covering the blind way, protective piles on blind ways in Nanchang, and vehicles and objects randomly parked or placed on blind ways everywhere. This not only affects the daily use of blind way by blind people, but also exacerbates the wear and tear of the blind ways. Many cases of the collapse of blind ways are due to these factors. These phenomena reflect not only the weak awareness of the public about "barrier-free" facilities but also the lack of maintenance and monitoring by government departments. If spacious and clean roads measure the strength of a city, then reasonable and regulated blind ways reflect the warmth of a city.

1. Regulating tactile paving is a responsibility of the government.

In terms of construction, it is necessary to unify and regulate, involve professionals in the design and construction of tactile paving, and strengthen supervision of the implementation of regulations. In terms of maintenance, it is necessary to assign relevant departments with clear responsibilities and issue and strictly enforce penalties for behaviors such as occupying and damaging blind way. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep of the blind ways should also be done.

2. Regulating tactile paving is also a responsibility for ordinary citizens.

At the Tokyo Paralympic Games, we are proud of the many disabled athletes who have won honours for our country. Our vision should be broadened to focus on the entire disabled community. Starting with ourselves, we must not arbitrarily destroy or occupy blind way. When we encounter such behavior, we must have the courage to say "no" and contribute our efforts to caring for disabled people.

3. Regulating tactile paving is also a responsibility for blind people.

As users of blind ways, blind people have a profound experience of using them that others cannot compare. Sometimes minor differences overlooked by others can make a huge difference in the experience of blind people. Therefore, the participation of blind people in the design, construction, acceptance and renovation of blind way, in their own or with the help of others, will have a multiplier effect on the regulation of blind ways.

In today's cities where strength is increasing day by day, the display of urban warmth is becoming increasingly important. If a city is full of love and care, then the society will have good morals. By caring for the disabled community, solving the problem of blind ways and returning them to blind people, let us not allow blind way to be "useless" any longer.


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