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The Application and Practical Function of Step Nosing in Daily Life - 翻译中...

As we all know, stairs are used for going up and down in daily life. Most stairs are quite slippery when they get wet, so step nosing should be installed on stairs. But do you know their value and types? Let's introduce them below.

Step nosing is divided into three types.

One is the corner-wrapped type, which is L-shaped, and the narrower side is about 2cm wide, which can protect the side of the stairs. There is also a type of I-shaped, which does not have a corner-wrapped design. These two types are fixed with screws. Step nosing is generally installed directly against the tread edge, and the strip width is between 4-6cm. The third type is the embedded anti-slip strip, which can be directly embedded into two seams of about 2mm. It is suitable for sticking to the surfaces of various paints, plastics, rubber, metals, ceramics, stones, smooth concrete, smooth wood boards, glass, and organic materials.

The value of using step nosing.

  • Step nosing saves time and cost of edge cutting and grinding when decorating stairs with tiles or stones.

  • Step nosing plays a role in repairing and protecting the edges of steps.

  • Step nosing plays a real role in safety and effective improvement of decorative grades.

Above is a summary of the value and types of step nosing. We believe you have learned something. In addition, when installing, you must calculate the size strictly before cutting and cutting the material at a 90-degree angle to the line, especially for products with matching corner joints, to avoid affecting the beauty due to loose fitting with the corner.

As an experienced supplier of step nosing, Xiongchang provides a variety of anti-slip profiles for stairs made of tiles, wood and other materials, aiming to protect the edges and the protrusions between the treads and risers with a special round polished contour. Our tactile stair edges provide elegance and resistance for all public and private applications. The reversible steel stair profile is designed to protect protrusions and conceal the connection between the treads and risers.


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