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What Are the Maintenance Services for Rising Bollards? - 翻译中...

After-sales service of stainless steel security bollards

We guarantee that users will receive timely technical support and services during the use of the equipment. For faults or damages caused by human or natural disasters during the free maintenance period, only the maintenance cost will be charged. For maintenance services outside the free maintenance period, only the maintenance cost will be charged. The following situations are not within the scope of warranty: damages caused by improper operation, human or natural disasters; damages caused by self-disassembling and replacing any part inside the machine (such as circuits, components); malfunctions caused by installation guided by non-designated professional technicians.

Update and improvement service

The design of the stainless steel security bollards is constantly updated and improved. The manufacturer will notify and assist customers to improve the already running products in a timely manner, and provide software new versions free of charge to keep the user's system at an advanced level and perfect status. This makes it convenient for users to increase new businesses along with the continuous upgrades and improvements of our software, bringing more revenue. The company will respond timely and accurately to customers' different requirements for system reformation, expansion, and disassembly.

Establish user profile, improve product quality

In addition to providing technical consulting services to users, the company's engineering department is also responsible for accepting and collecting user complaint and consultation information, ensuring that the problems and requirements raised by users can be handled in a timely manner, and tracking and verifying the handling situation. At the same time, establish user profiles to record product usage, providing a basis for future product quality improvement.

Installation method of stainless steel security bollards

The selection of the installation method is based on the particle size of the fixed phase and the size of the column. Different installation methods are used, and better packing often leads to better separation effects. The effect of installing the stainless steel security bollards is closely related to the particle size of the packing, and reducing the particle diameter will increase the difficulty of installation. In general, the fixed phase with a particle diameter less than 20-30um is used for wet packing. The so-called tapping-packing technology is suitable for fixed phases with particle diameters greater than 25um. The purpose of wet packing is to force the relatively loose fixed phase slurry to be rapidly packed into the chromatographic column, thereby reducing the formation of voids. However, when the column diameter is greater than 20mm and the pressure added is 30-40bar, the high-pressure slurry packing technology becomes very complicated.

To install small particle fixed phases into larger preparative chromatographic columns, column length compression technology can be used. In this method, the fixed phase slurry (or occasionally dry filler) is first loaded into the column and then compressed by applying pressure, using physical methods to compress it. There are two methods of compression: radial compression and axial compression. Wet packing requires some equipment. After the stainless steel security bollards are filled, column effectiveness measurement should be applied, and columns with low effectiveness should be refilled.


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