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What is the Fixing Method for Stair Step Nosing? - 翻译中...

Anti-slip strips are mainly used on stairs to protect them from damage and prevent slipping and falling when going up or down stairs. So, what should be used to fix the stair step nosing?

Fixing method for stair step nosing

Universal glue has good resistance to oil, solvents, and chemical agents. Because chloroprene rubber adhesive is a strong adhesive with a very wide range of applications, it is used for self-adhesive or mutual adhesion of rubber, leather, fabrics, cardboard, artificial board, wood, foam plastics, ceramics, concrete, metals, etc., and is therefore also known as universal glue. Using universal glue to fix stair step nosing is a very good choice, and using epoxy resin-based adhesive is the best.

Installation method for aluminum alloy stair step nosing

The stair surface and vertical surface should be at a 90° angle. Clean the stair treads first, apply universal glue to the back of the step nosing and corner anti-slip strips, wait for it to dry slightly, then bond them and use a rubber hammer to strike the bonding area. Alternatively, drill holes in the aluminum alloy base and use screws to fix the aluminum alloy stair step nosing to the stair surface. Finally, insert the rubber strip on the surface to complete it.

Key points for stair step nosing construction

1. The installation of step nosing should be straight, with a consistent distance from the edge of the tread and a straight line deviation of s2mm and a height deviation of ≤1.5mm, and each tread should be consistent. The step nosing should be installed firmly and there should be no warping.

2. Alternatively, drill holes in the aluminum alloy base and use screws to fix the stair tread anti-slip strip to the stair surface. Finally, insert the rubber strip on the surface. If it is combined with a special corner metal buckle to fix the ends of the corner, it can achieve an advanced and beautiful effect while preventing the stair tread anti-slip strip from shrinking and falling off.

3. For marble or cement exterior walls, use a grooving machine to cut mortise slots and then embed aluminum or copper strips in them. Use a grooving machine to groove the stepped floorboard. Use a vertical line to create an illusion for the eye, rather than diminishing the spatial scale. Stair step nosing can ensure our safety when going up and down stairs to a certain extent, so maintenance and cautious construction must be paid attention to.

The above are the fixing methods for stair step nosing, and I believe that after reading this, you probably know what to use to better fix stair step nosing. For more tips on anti-slip measures, please pay more attention to the official website of Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!


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